Faith: A Strange Paradox

“To trust God only when appearances are favorable

is to sail only with the wind and tide, to believe only when we can see”

Philip Bennett

I have found over the years that God has often asked me to swim against the tide, to sail against the wind, to walk in what seems unfeasible.

It’s so hard to trust what we don’t see; likewise, it’s hard to trust in what we do see, especially when what we are looking at is impossible.

But I also know the profits of pressing on in faith. Perseverance in times of doubt is to taste the sweetness of victory, the delicacy of courage and finally, the savory goodness of my God!

God is not in the business of making what we can do or what we can see happen. He is in the business of making what’s unseen, our reality. Our abilities are not what please God, it’s our faith in His magnificent power and who HE is that does. This doesn’t  mean we are not involved in the process. Our obedience to do what He has called us is a sign of our faith in His power to work through us. To sit on the sidelines is not faith, it’s a cop-out and displeases our Lord. To walk in the unknown trusting in His power to sustain us is a pleasing to our God.

When I take the time to recount the many times I have walked through those impossible situations and seen God do His amazing work, I gain a greater confidence in Him to help me walk through the next great contest of faith. Does this make me less fearful? Or does it make the situation less challenging? Or make the steps of faith easier? No. However, remembering His past faithfulness does motivate me to move forward with conviction and not shrink back in fear.

I don’t know what challenges you face; nor do I know the great faith steps God is calling you to walk. But I do know what it costs to walk this tightrope of trust. Faith is uncomfortable. I don’t think I have ever felt easy while in this place. At the same time, I have had peace.

A strange paradox indeed!

No matter the circumstance, no matter the obstacle, no matter the trial, and no matter the unfeasible, we serve a God whose name is Jesus. If you ask Him anything in His name, Jesus promises He will do it to the glory of His Father in Heaven. He will sustain you when you feel inadequate for the faith required; He will allow confidence to grow as you please Him with your faith.

Remember this: When your faith is at it’s most difficult phase, often your breakthrough is right around the corner. #walkitout #waitforit #dontmissit #almostthere