Becoming A Daughter of God

Many years ago during my busy season as wife and mother, I would get up early before everyone else in the house so I could spend time with God in His word. I have always loved the peaceful quiet of the early morning hours, still do.

I remember a season in my walk with God when I felt the awestruck responsibility of my role as a follower of Jesus; not just the blessing, but the immense duty laid out before me. I came to the realization I was an heir of God. I am His child; His daughter. (Galatians 4:7). An heir has a great obligation to represent the family to the world. And I wanted so much to represent my God favorably and faithfully.

In my pondering one morning, I put in words my task. I described how a Daughter of God would look. I wanted to live by it as much as I could. I knew I would fail, but I also knew that with my God, I could scale a wall, overcome my weaknesses and uncover strength beyond my own. Being poetic at the time, I wrote a poem that depicts the actions of a Daughter of God:

A Daughter of God;

One might wonder what that might be;

She begins each day, each moment,

Bending upon her humble knee.


She carries a torch in her heart,

That lights during the day and night;

It is her devotion to God

That becomes that honorable sight.


She has a graceful walk,

Adorned with humility and peace;

It is the words of her Lord,

That in her enables this release.


She lifts her eyes up,

As she might consider her ways;

She desires to build God’s temple;

She lets Him stack each brick she lays.


She may wander from her Master’s steps,

And feel embittered and pierced within;

And even become a beast before Thee,

But then, and only then, she realizes her sin.


She will run to the feet of her Creator,

As she begs for mercy and says she’s sorry;

He responds “I’m always with you,”

He takes her right hand and leads her to glory.


Her walk becomes a journey,

Filled with the refinement of every limb;

Her weakness slowly becomes His strength,

As she surrenders all to Him.


Her beauty is no longer hers,

“It’s all about Jesus” she will say;

The nourishment of her being

Are His to provide in His own way.

I found this poem as I was packing up our belongings and preparing our house for sale. It was a sweet find, one I had forgotten about for some time. As I sat there, I grasped the necessity to look back and remember what God has taught me over the years. My current busy life has taken its hold. While busy then with young children and being a wife, I still took that time to ponder what it means to be His daughter. I’m glad I found this. It brought back sweet memories, and it also challenged me to slow my pace, ponder my weighty responsibility and choose to please my Father first and above all else; and then serve my fellow man out of that devotion to Him.

I pray this encourages you, my friend. #lookup  #reflectin  #liveout




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