Overcoming Spiritual Starvation

I believe that confidence in the flesh, confidence in what we can accomplish robs us of our hunger for Jesus Christ. We can care more about what we can do and therefore focus less on what God can do. In this we limit the outcome of success in our life. We limit the outcome of divine power working in our life. We limit God’s grace working for and through us. And at the end of this road we find ourselves still wanting.

To “still want” means to be disappointed.

In our disappointment, our energy is spent. Our expectations wane, we regress to less faith in God, and our love for Him is just a concept. A theory. An impression. Our walk with God becomes a regimented list of things to do. We walk by sight. We embrace religion.

Religion, however, is not hunger. It’s spiritual starvation. How do we overcome this? They key is in what we hunger for.

Did you know that all of creation hungers for the Lord? Every beast, land, vegetation, sea and the universe groans for the knowledge of God. They not only groan, they praise Him and they lust for His Presence. Many men and women and child have also groaned with desire for this knowledge. As a result, they have found Him. They have all discovered the secret that Jesus is infinite, therefore there is always more of Him to know. They have learned to truly live life as God intended.

The greatest thing about craving more of Jesus and knowing Him is that with each morsel we take in, we are satisfied. However in our satisfaction, we still desire more. Unlike “still wanting” we are not disappointed, because we become more and more like Him as we seek Him. Each new piece of knowledge enters our inner man and our old self wastes away. By the knowledge of Christ and His surpassing greatness we are renewed day by day.  It’s like taking a bath. The dirt of our old self vanishes, while we are being refreshed with His Nature.

Hunger is not something anyone really wants to experience, unless our hunger is craving the knowledge of Christ. Just as a deer pants for water, or as a dying man is parched for life, or a famished and debilitated child is desperate for food and healing – in the same way we need to feverishly desire God.

We need to seek to know Christ – seek for intimacy with Him; seek with a violent craving for the presence of the Lord. Nothing will gratify us like Christ can.

If our flesh is what we boast in, we will always be thirsty.

If our strength is what we pride in, we will always be weak.

If our accomplishments are what wow us, we will always be disappointed.

When we make it our goal to glory in our accomplishments, we will fight for them with selfishness, greed and deception. The old sinful nature will rule our heart, mind, and soul. We will not look like Christ; we will look like His enemy.

We will consider suffering weakness.

We will consider tragedy failure.

We will see change as ruin.

But if we are like Paul and make it our goal, “to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. (To) want to suffer with him, sharing in His death, ….(we can trust) that one way or another we will experience the resurrection from the dead!” (Philippians 3:10-11).

If Christ is who we boast in, we will always be gratified.

If Christ is our strength, we will always experience more power.

If His accomplishments are what wow us, we will see Him do infinitely more.

We will embrace suffering as growth. Tragedy will be dear to us for it will be our teacher. We will walk happily in change because change will shine light into our darkness. We will overcome spiritual starvation and be fed adequately by the Savior’s vat. Resurrection will have more meaning because death to ourselves brings us home to His Holiness.

My friend, hunger for the right thing. Hunger for more of Jesus and less of yourself. You will find that when God opens His hand to you, your hunger will be forever satisfied.


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