Three Steps to Navigate the Fork on My Road

Who am I? and What should I do with my life? are questions often asked among the human race. These questions are centuries old. What is even more difficult is when we find ourselves at a fork in the road with two paths to choose from. Both are good, but only one should be taken. Which do we take? Often the case is that many seek and never find. Or many take one road but don’t walk it with confidence. What keeps people from finding?

They often neglect the process God has set out for them. It’s really a simple three-step process; but often hard to do. In my opinion, the first step is the most difficult.

According to Romans 12:1-2, the three steps God has given us are…

 We Worship    1. We worship.

To worship is more than singing, praying, and (in some cases) dancing to the Lord. It’s abandonment to our will, our ways, our desires, even our well laid plans. It’s dying to self.  Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” (John 12:24).  If we have our desires in one hand while seeking God’s will in the other, we will not discover His good and favorable plan for our lives. We will stand at that fork in confusion. We must offer Him two empty hands so that we can receive His only will for our life.

We Read   2. We renew our minds by the Word.

Once we die to our will and our desires, we choose to not pattern our lives according to the way the world seeks success or even how the world develops their purpose; instead we renew. We throw out the old and renovate. We choose to change for the best not just the better. Once abandoned, then we read the Word of God and let it speak to us. Before you know it, God’s word will speak; we will hear. We will know His pleasing and perfect will.  God may use some of the world’s ways to develop us, and He may not.  Some go to college, and some go on missions or choose some other career path. Some work at a full-time job for 30 plus years, some travel from project to project. Some are stay at home moms and some pull double duty: work full time and parent. The question is not “Should I do one thing or the other, it’s what is God’s word telling me to do? What is God’s perfect and pleasing will for my life?” When we ask the right questions and seek the answers from God’s word, the fork is no longer an obstacle in our path; it’s an opportunity to seek clarity.

fork-in-the-road   3. We walk in God’s will.

Once we listen, we see clearly what was so clouded before. The veil lifts. The spacious lot in our life is distinct before our eyes. But just knowing God’s will is not enough, we must walk in it. We’ve all been given gifts, a mission to carry out, and a direction to walk. The problem is, we know but we neglect. If you have been given a mission, then go. If you have been given a gift, then use it. If you have been called to a task, then get on it. To know and neglect is to be like a car with no engine. We get nowhere. The result is discouragement. There is the familiar saying, “God equips the called.” Trust His ability to equip you just like you trusted His word to tell you His plan. He calls. He prepares. He sends. Get up and get going!

I hope this was helpful to those of you who are truly seeking God’s will for your life. Maybe you are at a fork in the road; you’re not sure which road to travel.  Both good, but there is only one God has planned for you. I promise you this, if you worship first, if you read the word of God and let it speak to you, clarity will come and then will you be able to test that road and live it confidently.


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