Getting the Most from New Adventures

Everyone is looking for an adventure.

It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s fresh.

The beginning is the best. It promises. Feelings are high.

Expectation hooks and draws us in.


But with every new adventure comes the perils of boredom, suffering, and monotony.

It’s the one who learns to navigate the dullness that finds they can climb higher, explore deeper and mature wider than when the adventure began.

However, we live in a culture where dullness and boredom are not passed through; instead, they are quickly abandoned.

A marriage becomes dry. A job is tedious. Parenting is exhausting. The new house needs repair. The new car is dented. College requires relentless study.


And even the new vacation has its lulls.

People who lack the ability to wade the tides of monotony often seek another adventure. They quit at the onset of boredom; the excitement fades, and so do they.

For some, the promise of excitement, the rush of a new idea, or the onset of a unique experience is the goal; it’s not the lessons learned from the adventure.

Many are always seeking, yet never learning. They are flitting here and there, but never planted long enough to gain a life well taught. Lessons from flight are often shallow.

Adventures teach us. They steady us. They cultivate character. The one ingredient to making each new adventure fruitful is to stay the course and finish the race.

When we seek the highs only, we miss the roots of joy that only come from wading through the dullness.

Today, the road less traveled is not new experiences; it’s patient endurance through the new that becomes old. Each new experience does promise, but patient endurance is the key to their fulfillment.


Three Steps to Stay the Course

1. Make fulfillment the goal, not the experience.

2. Remember, finishing is the better feeling than starting.

3.  See each lull in the adventure as a stepping stone to a promise fulfilled.

“By your patient endurance you will gain your lives” – Jesus


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