Movement is the Motion

“When the leaders lead in Israel,

When the people volunteer,

Praise the Lord.”

(Judges 5:2)


When the leaders lead the Church,

When the people volunteer,

Praise the Lord.

God’s will is accomplished,

The enemies of God perish,

The people of God gain strength,

And power follows in their wake.

What I believe is often misunderstood by the people of God’s church today, is His success in reaching many with the gospel is often just one leader or one volunteer away. Are you that one leader or volunteer?

It saddens God to see a worn out skeleton crew forging His mission to spread the gospel and disciple His people. His heart is for all to come forward and work as One body. If a church family has His heart, they also have His power. When leaders and volunteers step forward to carry out God’s will in their community, they do more than reform their behavior; they adopt a character of calling. They make revival of a community a reality, not just a proposal.

Some people lead and volunteer because they feel it’s their duty. Or they come forward because there was a pleading for help. While this is commendable that many want to fill a need, this can temptingly lead to a religious reformation. Reformation deals with the outward behavior, while spiritual revival deals with the character of one’s inward heart. When people lead and volunteer out of passion and devotion to Christ and the message of the gospel, this is results in a spiritual revival.

Character perseveres when the circumstances are not ideal, it sees the reward in the end.

Character changes lives, it models something the world lacks.

Character is contagious; it inspires others to a broader mission.

Character moves mountains, it embodies faith in God.

Character sees God correctly, it experiences His presence.

For, “with the faithful,

God proves to be faithful.

With the blameless,

God proves to be blameless.

With the pure,

God proves to be pure.”

(Psalm 18:25-26)

Character determines our perspective. If you misunderstand your part in your church and the value you add, then you will see the invitation to serve in your church as coercion or time consuming. It’s so much more, my friend! Your involvement holds in its hand life for you and your family.

I reiterate this encouragement to you and me: When the leaders lead the church and the people volunteer, we can praise the Lord, because God’s will is accomplished; the enemies that taunt and tempt us perish; the people of God gain strength in numbers to do even greater things than Jesus did while He was here on earth (John 14:12); and the blessing of it all, is a community of believers increases.

Let’s lead. Let’s volunteer. Let’s praise the Lord. Movement is the motion.




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