A Love Like This…

The human heart is fickle. In its fleshly nature, human love is dependent upon circumstances, feelings, and its selfish needs. In reality, human love is so opposite of Godly love that we can confidently call it hate. You see, hate has no patience to endure; it detests any sacrifice on its part. It cannot bear with another; and it has an aversion to commitment.

If we have been in church long enough we would all know the “Love Chapter” in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. We say we understand this kind of love’s nature; we may have even recited this passage as vows at our wedding; we may promise to love others in this way. But when we are hurt, angered, or the circumstances change from pleasant to pandemonium, our human love may kick in. And then we live out this chapter with a human love vs. the way God intended.

“Human love is impatient, human love is unkind. Human love envies, it boasts, it is proud. It dishonors others, it self-seeks. Human love is easily angered; it keeps a record of wrongs. Human love delights in payback (evil), and it abhors acknowledgement of one’s own failures (truth). It does not protect – it harms. It does not trust – it is cynic, it does not hope – it desolates. It never perseveres – it withers. Human love fails every time.”

It’s always good to look at the opposite to truly understand the horrible disobedience of God’s word that we often practice. We see this human love played out in our everyday lives. It marks the mood of our culture and taints the very marriages that at one time proclaimed its opposite on their wedding day

I am thankful that God did not love us this way. I’m glad that His love was not dependent upon the circumstances of my fleshly condition. I’m glad that while I was still a sinner, He loved me enough to die for my sins, so I could receive His Godly love and live it by the power of the Holy Spirit. The reality is this we cannot love God’s way without God’s Spirit. We must submit to this way of love by way of decision and submission. The best way to tear down the walls of human love is to confess our sin of failing at it. Then pick up the baton of obedience. Then by the power and might of God’s love we can truly love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable, and serve the undeserving.

Love is patient. It waits for the other to grow in their faith; it sees beyond the now and looks at the awesome changes God is making in the person we love. Love is kind. It gently guides and prays for the one we are in conflict with. Love does not envy and want what another person has; it appreciates what God has given. Love is not proud and unwilling to see our part in the conflicts at hand. It humbly accepts its own responsibility to changes.

Love does not dishonor others; it respects the other person who is anointed by God as His child, not just our spouse. It realizes that the one we love is the daughter or son of the King on High. And who would dare dishonor the one who God anointed as His child?

Love does not self-seek; it lives out the mind of Christ always wanting to do better and more for the other person. It rejoices in sacrifice! Love is not easily angered, because it looks inward at its own faults and realizes that “I am just as corrupt as anyone else.”

This love keeps NO record of wrongs; it sees only the progress toward good. It sees the other person through the backdrop of the cross. It does not delight in evil – slandering the other person. It doesn’t try to one up the other. Instead it is humbly rejoicing in the truth of their own faults as equals to the other person. True Godly love helps the person realize that they are undeserving of this kind of love. It makes them grateful they are loved therefore; they can love in the same way. This love protects, and never seeks to damage the other. It always trusts, confidently expecting the best; it always hopes as it anticipates great achievements of the other; it always perseveres as commitment is its strength.

How can a love like this ever fail? It always wins.

Godly love is a love that conquers the heart that hurts, the heart that feels betrayed and the heart that wants to payback wrong for wrong. A love like this changes the one who loves while also changing the one who receives. What you beget is what is produced. Just as easily as dirt attracts dirt, love attracts love. To love in this way makes us more and more like Christ. And Christ is a Winner! Human love is the loser.

Close to God


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