The Urgency of Teachable Moments

Parents, there is one thing that your children want you to take advantage of in their life: teachable moments.

A teachable moment cannot be planned. It is often an interruption to your schedule of events. It will seem as if it is taking you off track of something very important. It often changes the curriculum. However, a teachable moment is a gift from God. They come as unwanted blessings, but if taken advantage of, they can become opportunities to pavé well-worn paths to eternal Godly principles in your child’s mind and heart. The challenge is this, if we don’t take advantage of these teachable moments, rest assured someone else will. Do you really want another person to pavé the way of well-worn beliefs in your child’s life? Especially if these beliefs are contrary to yours.

Now, I’m going to tread on a very controversial subject to prove my point. It will point out that if we don’t take advantage of the teachable moments with our children, there is one waiting (even strategically scheming) to do so for you. Will we let them do this? Or will we intentionally seek out those moments, so we can prepare our children with the truth that opposes the empty and dangerous beliefs of our culture?

From the book, The Homosexual Agenda, written by Alan Sears and Craig Osten, a story about a gym teacher who taught a kindergarten class is shared.

She was out as a lesbian in her school. One day a student (5 years old) asked if she had a husband. She said no, and then another student asked if she had a boyfriend. She said no, ‘As a matter of fact…I have a girlfriend.’ After some of the children said, ‘Ohhhh!’ as if shocked, they asked if she kissed her girlfriend. She said she did.

She responded: ‘Some people think it’s okay, and some people think it’s not okay.’

Then the gym teacher asked one of the boys in her class, ‘Do you ever kiss your father goodnight?’ He replied, ‘Yes.’ She asked one of the girls, ‘Do you ever kiss your sister to show her that you love her?’ ‘Yes,’ the girl responded. She then used the analogy between those kisses and her lesbian kisses as she told the children, ‘Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t love some people…but your heart tells you who to love.’

‘This was a very teachable moment…I was not in any way going to lie to my students,’ this teacher said of her conversation with the kindergarten gym class. ‘At the elementary school level, the teachable moments are the really critical ones.’”

Now I would agree with her on that last statement, “At the elementary school level, the teachable moments are the really critical ones.” But sadly, she took advantage of it and taught this group of kindergarteners a sick and twisted belief of sexual immorality as if it was natural and normal. In most Christian homes, her explanation of her lesbian relationship is contrary to their belief system. And it was filled with such confusion and corruption. To relate her “romantic” relationship with her “girlfriend” to the relationships these children had with their family members is sick in itself; I wouldn’t have even done that with my heterosexual relationship with my husband. But then to try and dumb down and desensitize the sin of homosexuality was not only crafty it was evil.

I don’t know how these children were prepared for this type of conversation at such a young age, but I hope with all my heart moms and dads of these youngsters were preparing them by taking advantage of those teachable moments with the truth of God’s word in the home, in the car, at church, and wherever they find themselves along life’s path.

This is just one of many topics that a child will meet in their life, today. Paul warns us, Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15).  I think we would all agree that the times we are living in are certainly evil. Evil is almost praised where truth and righteousness are scoffed.

However, the important lesson learned is we as parents must take advantage of every teachable moment our children give us. In these, parents have the upper hand to teach their children truth, warn them of the deceptive beliefs in our society and give them answers to these fallacies so they are not enticed, drugged down and led astray. Instead, they can learn to stand firm in their beliefs and even defend the gospel truth to a  lost and dying world about them.

Seek those teachable moments as if they are gold, seek with urgency and with potency; be a fortress for your children, where they can come to you and have all their questions answered from the truth you give them by the Word of God.



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