What To Do When Riches Fall and is No More

Be not a person who puts your trust in wealth or your life here on this earth. When a person does this, their end is full of disappointment, despair and doom. For wealth and life are temporary this side of heaven. One minute you have it, the next it falls and is no more.   ID-10010586

If provision is your need, and you have none, yet see the evil prosper, remember to not fear when difficult days come, when poverty might strike you, or you are without the riches of this earth, for why should you fear? You can have the Almighty God of heaven and earth on your side.


Reminded by the Psalmist, He tells us that those who trust in their wealth and boast of their great riches are not people who can 1.) redeem the life of another or 2.) give to God a ransom for himself—for the  ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough! Since life eternal is the aim, then we can certainly agree (believer or non believer) that we have no power over death and can make no lasting payment for sin.

1.) No man is able to live on forever and 2.) not see decay. His riches will not save him. For all can see that wise men die; the foolish and the senseless alike perish and leave their wealth to others. Their tombs will remain their houses forever, their dwellings for endless generations; it doesn’t matter that they had lands named after themselves. For no man, despite his riches, endures; he is like the beasts that perish.

This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and of their followers, who approve of their boasting:

Like sheep they are destined for the grave, and death will feed on them. The upright will rule over them in the morning; their forms will decay in the grave —- far from their princely mansions.

However, for those whose trust is in the Lord, their end is quite different:

God will redeem their life from the grave; this person will surely be received by the Lord. Eternity is set in their heart and it will also be their reality. Riches from heaven will adorn their life always – riches that surpass whatever can be had on earth.

The greatest riches we can receive is not only forgiveness of sin, presence with the Father, but a new body created without temptations and testing that always befall us here on earth. Peace will always reign in our life.

Simple, Saved, Secure…will be the new order found in our heavenly home.

Your poverty here may be preparation for great splendor in your new home! So don’t be overawed when a man grows rich, when the splendor of his house increases; for he will take nothing with him when he dies, his splendor will not go with him. Though while he lived he counted himself rich– and men praised him when he prospered–he will join the generation of his fathers, who will never see the light [of life].

Be warned, a man who has riches without Christ is like the beasts that perish. The end is continuous despair and they will be in constant envy for the peace found in life eternal – but they will find none.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (Psalm 20:7).

Psalm 49 inspired this blog.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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