Do You Not Feel Guilty?

Is it possible for a person to not feel guilt for their sin?

Yes, over time with justified repeated sin, they can cross the line where they do not feel guilty for their wrong doing. This is a dangerous place, because when a person crosses this line, the result is often no return to truth and what is good. I did not say there is no hope for return, for God’s grace is always available to those who repent, but the problem lies in the deceptions these people keep feeding themselves. They ignore God; and to ignore God is to heap curses upon a person’s life.  They harden themselves to truth each time they justify their sin.

How does a person cross this line? They flatter themselves so much they cannot detect or hate their sin. Their words are wicked and deceitful and from this they act unwisely and plot evil. This way of life becomes all they know. They become blinded from what is good. Even when they rest, they plot evil; they commit themselves completely to devising sinful plans. They don’t regret what is wrong; doing wrong becomes a way of life for them. (Psalm 36:2-14).

Just as a person who lacks fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet can over a time develop a disease called scurvy, so does a person who lacks truth in their life develop a desensitized conscience for their sin. A soul that lacks a daily dose of God’s truth will result in sin that darkens them to wickedness, deceit and evil. The problem thickens and becomes ruthlessly inescapable. A desensitized sinful life does not lead to good days.

Good days are only had by following truth (specifically the truth of God’s word). Saturation of truth keeps one’s conscience clean. Confession and repentance, keeping our tongue from deceiving ourselves, proclaiming the truth as well as believing it, seeking peace, pursuing righteousness and turning from evil grants us good days. God created our conscience; He created the feeling of guilt, just as He created the feeling of pain to tell us something is wrong. Guilt is a gift. It steers us and keeps us on the right tract. We function spiritually well when we have a healthy conscience operating the way God intended.

If you are sinning and not feeling guilt, check the lies you are telling yourself and measure how much truth from God’s word you are ingesting each day. You could be headed down a much darkened track to a diseased conscience.



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