Living in a World of Greed, Our Heavenly Father Writes…

Dear Son and Daughter,

You have gone after so many things that appeared beneficial, but they have brought you much pain and discomfort. Seeking more has robbed you of joy! When will you remember that I, the Lord am your provider?

I have so many things to tell you, but one thing for sure that I want you to get today, “godliness with contentment is great gain.” Remember you brought nothing into this world and you will take nothing with you when you leave. I have given you food and clothing, the basic essentials to live your life here in this temporary place. Enjoy it! Don’t seek to be rich, for in doing so you will miss the full life that I have sacrificed for you. If you keep seeking riches (more than you have) you will sink like a ship in the waters of ruin and destruction. You will miss the thrill of living! 

It is sad for Me to watch you go after such devastation. Every time you give your ear to the advertisements of your day, you trade your joy for a lie of false happiness. Advertisements do not inform, they tempt your greedy flesh. Remember that when you walk through the stores. Sadly,the world’s provision is fleeting, deceptive and callous. It disappoints as it cold-heartedly continues to spur in you lethal desires for more and more. The money I have given you is not evil, it’s your desires that rush you into evil. Don’t feed this monster! If you continue this path of greed, you will wander from the faith and be pierced with many a grief.

As my son, Paul has learned the secret of being content in every situation, I want you to learn this same lesson. No matter how hard life may seem, know that I am teaching you and my strength is enough to see you through til the lesson has become your practice.

Come away with me my dear child. I have a special offer.

ID-10020352Yes, My way involves a dry morsel at times, but with it is the riches of peace.  The dry times of materialism in your life provide a full time of My presence. In this place there will be nothing to distract you from My heart. The truths and peace that I plan to give you will not only fill your days here on earth, they will fill your days for all eternity. They are yours now and forever.

Just remember that the righteous are the content. They eat from the table of peace, comfort, calm and tranquility – the richest of fare. On the other hand, the wicked that lack contentment are always hungry, living in strife finding they are never satisfied.  Steer far from them and their way.

I love you my dear child…listen to Me,


Related scriptures: Philippians 4:12, 1 Timothy 6:6-10 and Proverbs 17:1

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