40 Days of Parenting – Day 9 Be Permanent Intercessors

Life can be so busy for a parent; the more children you have the busier it gets. No matter the many demands on your life as a parent, one of the best gifts you can give your child is interceding for them. To be quite frank, to give up on interceding for our children is to literally hand them over to ruin. On the other hand, to pray for our children is an act of love. It’s hope for a better life for them. Praying for them demonstrates patience; it perseveres; it never gives up. There are many specific prayers we can pray for our children that are unique to them; however, it is imperative to pray the following for all of them:

  1. Salvation. Lord, give my child a soft heart to receive your saving grace found only in Jesus.
  2. Holy Spirit Power. Lord, fill them with your Spirit’s power so that all they do and decide will be led by your understanding, not their own.
  3. Fresh insight of the Scriptures. Lord, open their eyes to understand your scriptures; give them fresh insight and application as they make your truth their own.
  4. Godly Character. Lord, give my child character that gives, understands, and loves; give my child a desire to work hard, be honest, dependable and faithful. Lord, infuse your Character into my child’s, so that they will shine your Light to the world around them.
  5. Influence. Lord, make my child an influence on society and protect them from the influence of this world. Keep them from evil; place Your shield of glory around them.
  6. Perseverance. Lord, teach my child to be faithful at long-suffering and waiting on You. Give them the self-control of your Holy Spirit, so they are well-trained in the school of perseverance.

Prayer brings the heart of God into your heart as a parent. This heart fills you with a love that has eyes of humility, understanding and grace for your child. Prayer helps you see them with God’s eyes not your flesh’s eyes. Did you know that if you pray for your children daily, you will improve your parenting skills? Intercession is not just for the other person, it’s also for you. It changes you and your reaction to your child’s mishaps. You end up responding to them with wisdom instead of folly. Prayer has calmed me the most when my children have exasperated me to the brink.

Not giving up on prayer is not only an act of extreme love, it is a practice of endurance. Did you know that Jesus lives to pray for us? Day and night He sits at the right hand of God “always interceding for us” (Romans 7:34).

That’s a lot of praying for me!  

Beside the cross, prayer is one of the greatest ways Christ continues to love us. It’s on-going and I’m sure quite laboring. Praying for our kids is imitating Jesus. It’s hard work and even frustrating as we often will pray over and over for the same thing; but faithfulness begets fruit.

Something to consider: the minute you want to give up on praying, is most likely the moment before the valve of answers is about to burst. ID-10038648 (1)

Don’t give up, keep praying. For it is our life calling to be permanent intercessors for our children.


Photo by dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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