Extravagant – Shameless – Sacrificial Worship

We are told that a woman’s hair is her covering and her glory. Her covering was a sign of authority protecting her and her glory was a means of grace given to uphold her dignity.  When Mary poured the very expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet she also wiped his feet with her hair – her covering – her glory.

The perfume was a foreshadowing of the impending sacrifice Jesus was to make for all mankind; but Mary’s hair has great significance to her own worship of the Savior. Take notice in this story: the busy, the risen, the followers and even Satan were among the group. All were at Lazarus’s house: Martha serving, Lazarus whom Jesus just raised from the dead, the disciples, and Judas were at the home about to have dinner and Mary bends to pour perfume upon Jesus’s feet wiping his them with her hair.

In the midst of busy preparations, did this interrupt Mary’s worship? No. In the face of accusations, did Mary stop her undignified humility? No. In the midst of men watching her shamelessly use her glory to adore her Savior, did this stop her? No. I don’t think Mary cared one bit that anyone was in the room. All Mary wanted to do was be at the Lord’s feet (This was her often posture when it came to being with Jesus).  She had no concern for the company in keeping. She had one focus – Jesus! What seemed undignified to others was her great dignity. For the sharing of her glory was the upholding of Jesus’s deity. In the hands of the God of the universe, what could compare to any other covering?

Mary gave herself extravagantly.

Mary gave herself shamelessly.

Mary gave herself sacrificially.

In our worship gatherings at church, we often give into the busy, the risen, the followers and even Satan. Don’t think that he is not among us in our worship. We may see these four in our midst when we are too busy, or we are more focused on the outcome of our worship than the devotion of it; maybe we concern ourselves with the others in our midst thinking “What will they think if I become undignified?” Sadly, we may very well give into the accusations of Satan as he ridicules and makes sport of the form we have chosen to worship the Savior by. Free yourself from these four!

May we become more like Mary; ignore the distractions and focus solely on our Savior, so that from all of us together we will flood heaven with the waters of our undignified love for Jesus! ID-100657

Related passages: 1 Corinthians 11:15; John 12:1-11





Image courtesy of James Barker / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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