Ceasing to Pray is a Sin

“Ceasing to pray is a sin against God” writes Andrew Murray. He is not the only one who said this. Samuel, a great prophet of Israel said to God’s people, “…far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you” (1 Samuel 12:23).

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Taking the time to pray ushers us into God’s presence. And praying for others is a beautiful gift we can give to them, as we have opportunity to bring them with us in God’s presence. Our souls have need to be with God. We should hunger for Him. Why would we not want to be with Him? If we could only understand what experiences lay ahead of us in prayer, we would never ignore this opportunity!

In God’s presence we…

  • do not fear
  • are fully loved
  • embrace passion
  • take hold of vision
  • are counseled with direction
  • overflow with peace in our hearts
  • are blessed with His grace that is unmeasured
  • find forgiveness
  • are granted a new start when we fail
  • discover revelation and insight into His great truth
  • silence the evil one’s attacks
  • gain strength to not sin

The blessings that come from being in His presence are endless. It’s hard to describe, but I will try…

Samuel gives his farewell speech to the Israelites in 1 Samuel 12. In the midst of his speech, he tells them to stand still and see this great thing that the Lord is about to do before their eyes! It was harvest time and Samuel called to the Lord and asked Him to send thunder and rain. When days of drought and dryness fill a life, the rain drenches the spirit with comfort and the thunder drums a new song to the soul. Likewise, in God’s presence we become wrapped in His great power. From this great power our prayers are not only heard but they become oil and light that explodes the prayers with answers! And we are in total AWE…

The lack of prayer in our life not only causes us to miss God’s presence, it’s a sin against Him. A person who runs from prayer is like Adam and Eve running from God in the garden after they sinned. (I have often wondered if Adam and Eve had approached God prayerfully with the serpents temptation before giving in, if they would have still sinned?)  But they did not, and after their sin God pursued them, but they hid. He wanted relationship, but they wanted obscurity. Fear was their presence, when all along, Grace was calling them, “Where are you?” Is God asking you this question today? Is he asking you to spend time with Him in His presence? “Where are you? He says. “I’m waiting to be with you.  Come away with me.”

Murray says that to have a prayerless life means to “have little taste for fellowship with God. Our faith rests more on our own work than on the power of God.” Sadly, our flesh is useless without prayer, for the flesh counts for nothing and is limited by the impairments of sin and aging matter. However, prayer sets aside our limitations and our aging matter; once set aside, prayer weds us with the One True God. In our posture of prayer we become One with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; we actually have opportunity to reunite all three with us in their midst. How is that not powerful? How is that not intriguing?

Prayer is expressed in many forms. We can talk to God, we can worship God in song, we can dance with thanksgiving in His presence, we can pray His word back to Him, admire His creation, and we can sit still before him and listen to His thoughts speak to us.  Being still and silent is one my favorites, as it forces me to stop my life and listen. But all forms are a wonderful way to pray to our Great God.

Take the time to pray today. Remove all distractions, be still and literally KNOW God deep in the core of your being!


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