40 Days of Parenting Lessons – Day One

“They make the uneducated smarter and give knowledge and sense to the young” Proverbs 1:4

Children are born with a great deal of curiosity; every day they are learning. The question is, what are they consuming? Our proverb today reminds us that we as parents have a responsibility to our children, “make them smarter and give them knowledge and sense.”   Children are born void of information; they lack knowledge and certainly they are without the proper sense to live life responsibly.

If they do not have a parent satisfying their curiosity with the word of God, a parent just might be raising ill-advised, irresponsible and reckless children. Certainly most parents don’t have this intention; from our child’s birth, we have dreamed bright futures for our kids. We hope to raise responsible, hard-working, successful blessings ready to serve society, but parenting without intention brings up the adverse of what we hope for.

A saturated and consistent diet of the word of God in small bites will produce wise and productive children. It will also produce a wise and productive mom and dad! Solomon tells us that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7). Solomon is so good to give us the positive and negative of a situation. We see two assurances in this wise saying: first, knowledge is obtained by living seriously the words of the Lord and second, a fool is formed by rejecting, arguing against his wisdom and instruction which reveals itself in the lack of self-control.

If you have children that are spurning wisdom and instruction and seem to lack self-control, take inventory of how much of the word of God is being ingested each day vs. the world’s idea of “truth.” More time in the word and more time speaking to our children about God’s way of living encourages better behavior and better retention of what is right and what is wrong.  Behaviors and decisions are learned. Developing just and fair ones in our children is the goal.

One step at time gets you to the goal. Don’t plan the future of your child, instead prepare the future for your child. Choose to live with intention and make wise your young.

One well explained proverb a day does indeed keep bad behavior away.


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