Day Thirty-Eight of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Thank you for your omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. You are powerful, always present and all-knowing. Your ability to be with us intimately and collectively no matter where we are on earth is amazing! You blow us away with who you are. There is none like you. This is why we can trust you, and we can wait on you.

I pray for a pastor for our church. We wait on your answer. We want what you want; we do not want this man before your timing is clear. As we wait for your precious answer, be with us, teach us, grow us and refine us. Make us the body you want this pastor to lead. Match us to your will and match him to your will. Marry us together like you would a man and woman, so we are one in will, one in mind, and one in direction.

Prepare us for the many that need salvation and for the many that need to take the next step of discipleship. Prick hearts to serve you. Mend hearts that have sinned against you. Help us all to be a body that brings you the most glory. And in all, give us contentment in the waiting for not only the pastor but for the growth of our body as well. When we feel impatient and want to run ahead of you, stop us. Make no escape route available. We want to be refined by your Holy Spirit’s fire; we want to be yours and yours alone. Dismiss from us the need to count numbers, and make us faithful to your provision. Our faithfulness will reap a harvest. Help us to stay focused on faithfulness! It was the faithfulness of the first church that added to their numbers. They were faithful to the teaching of the word, to the breaking of bread and sharing in the suffering of the saints, as they gathered with one another in love. Make us a New Testament church.

In Jesus name,




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