Day Thirty-Six of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Your heart gives to the oppressed, the broken-hearted, the downtrodden and the lonely. You have made a place for these people in our church family. Your word says, “You are gracious to the lonely and afflicted…and you set the lonely in families, and lead the prisoners with singing.” Your heart is what we ask for, Lord. Give us your heart of love. A love that bears all things, trusts all things, endures all things. A love that will go to the ends of the earth to help those in desperate need.

Forgive us when we are selfish and can’t see what you see. Open our eyes to see the hurting around our life. We all live in different places, but in each place there are people who need you and need your unfailing love. Lord, my heart breaks for the child being abused in this moment and the one who is hungry and cold. They should only know love, yet they are learning evil. They should know peace, but all they know is pain. Grant them freedom and give them your unfailing love that can bring light to their darkness.

I pray for the people of our church to have a special sensitivity to those in their midst that are without hope. Open our hearts to receive the homeless, the hungry, the cold, and the hopeless. Warm these with your love through us.

Cleanse us of self and make our cares your cares. Break us to the point that we will give, so we are free from the pain selfishness inflicts.  Help us value others more than ourselves.

In Jesus name,


Psalm 25:16; Psalm 68:6; Isaiah 1:16-17; 19; Philippians 2:3-4



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