Day Thirty-Five of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


I am so grateful to your provisions for me and my family. You have provided food, warmth, comfort, and even some extras. We are blessed! However, I am also painfully aware that there are many who lack the basics needs on this cold wet and dreary night. My heart is bittersweet: thankful, yet breaking. It seems so impossible to ask that you provide for the hungry, the hurting, the cold, and the poor of our city. There are so many! But you work in the impossible. Your workings are not our ways, so it’s hard to see how, but you can!

You did promise that there will always be poor people in the land. But you have also commanded that we be open-handed toward our brothers and toward the poor and needy in our land.  I love how you also tell us that if we are generous to those in need and do this without a grudging heart, then you, Lord God, will bless us in all our work and in everything we put our hand to do. Bless us, Lord! Bless us!  

Give us that bittersweet pang that not only thanks you for the good you have done in our lives, but also breaks our heart for those who need basic provisions. Move our hearts to be open-handed toward our brothers (those within our church family) and those who are poor and needy in our land. Help us to see how you have provided the extras not for our mere enjoyment but for those who are in poverty. Make their hardship lighter because we have obeyed your word and been generous.

We don’t have to fix their problems, nor buy all they need. We just need give the love they lack and make thier present a little better than the moment they had before.  We don’t need to understand nor judge why a person has stumbled upon humble circumstances, we need to only give and care that their suffering is made a little lighter. We do all this not for pats on our back or for recognition; we do this so that your heart is made known to each one who needs you.

We are your witnesses and you have commanded us to go to our small surroundings and be a shining light of your love. Just like a star is a pinch of light from our eye’s view, it also shines brightly for thousands and thousands of light years away. Your love shining from one of us to the least among us is a pinch of a greater light shining from your large and endless love. Make us bright, Lord…ever so bright!

In Jesus name,


Deuteronomy 15:10-11; Matthew 26:11; Acts 1:8



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