Day Thirty-Four of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


It was your will to crush your Son and cause him to suffer. It was your will to make his life an offering for man’s sin. It was in your sovereign plan to have your will prosper through the hands of Jesus. He poured his life out unto death and was numbered with the transgressors. He bore the sin of many. Jesus’ sacrifice became a visual prayer of intercession for each sinner past, present, and future. His intercession has saved us. There are no words that can express our gratitude to your amazing love for such despicable subjects as us. Our posture of humility is not humble enough, but in your great love you receive us because of the open door your son has provided. Thank you, Lord! We love you!

Now, we can approach your throne of grace with full confidence. You have made a way for us to intercede (not only for ourselves) but for others as well. Teach us to be a continued sacrifice for others; in visual form show our intercession of prayer; we ask that you to receive our prayers as a sweet aroma of Christ’s example.

River Club has many needs. First and foremost, we need you – more and more of you through the Spirit of God who bestows His power and favor through and over us. 2. We need a spiritually strong leading Pastor that will guide us in and through the power of Your Spirit. We want your man, Jesus, and no one else. Give the Spiritual Leadership team wisdom and Holy Spirit direction that chooses who you have chosen. May it be so clear who that man is.  3. Form a strong artistic and creative team from River Club that can design and create a visual replica of our mission to children in the Kids Quest ministry. Just as you called the Israelite nation to build your tabernacle, call those who are to be a part of this amazing renovation project that honors you. 4. Unify the staff, Spiritual Leadership Team, Stewardship Team, and Personnel Team around your Spirit. Unify all teams together with deep friendships and partnerships that reflect the fruit of your Spirit. Teach each team how to have grace in these relationships and help each to exhort one another in love. 5. During this Thanksgiving season, help us to never forget how far we have fallen from the glory of God, and what a wonderful gift of salvation you have given us through your Son! Keep us forever humble. 6. Make your love light up the community around us. Make us shine with the light of your Spirit.

In Jesus Name,


Isaiah 53:10-12;  2 Corinthians 2:15; Hebrews 4:16; 10:19



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