Day Thirty-one of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Praise you, Lord. Your greatness and power and glory and splendor are everything on earth and in heaven. Your kingdom extends beyond the heavens to earth in the hearts of your people. You have been pleased to make your kingdom evident in our church. All wealth and honor belong to you. You are ruler of all things including every decision made for each slice of your church here on earth.

River Club is collected of a group of people that are so grateful that you have chosen us to display your glory, your splendor, your love, and your great power. We are so humbled that such weak vessels such as us have been chosen by an AWESOME GOD to do His great work!

We know that you test the heart and are a God who is pleased with a heart filled with integrity. Test our hearts! Weed out our deceptions and replace them with integrity.  

We are coming to you, Lord, with a heart of humility as we prepare to make a vow to you. Our vow consists of giving you back a part of the resources you have given to us and to honor you with our service to YOU. Our willingness is pleasing to your heart and sends a sweet aroma to your PRESENCE. Our willingness has opened the door of blessing from you to us. For it is our willingness to give that makes ones gift acceptable to you.

Lord, your Spirit is alive at River Club. We can feel you moving among this lampstand. We can feel your powerful and loving touch of direction. Keep these desires of giving and promptings to do your work alive in the hearts of your people forever. Keep our hearts LOYAL to YOU – not to a building, a mission, or a vision, but to You, O Lord. Visions can be tainted with man’s desires, missions get refined, and buildings decay. If we are loyal to you and you alone, we will fulfill your calling with complete precision.

In Jesus Name,


1 Chronicles 29:10-18; 2 Corinthians 8:12



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