Day Twenty-Nine of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Forgive us for our ingratitude and our self-centeredness. Retire our old ways of self-seeking and fill us with a life of gratefulness and praise for you and for all you do for us. We have many blessings that fill our homes, our work, our personal lives, and certainly our church at River Club. However, being creatures with a sinful nature, we often focus on the negative in our lives instead of the good. Please forgive us of this sin.

Give us a heart of praise today as we gather together and worship your name. Fill the heart of each person in our church body with a joy. May it be very clear that your presence is IMPACTING each person in our church family. May we sit in awe of your mighty power as we testify to the change of our thankless heart to an appreciative spirit.  

Bring power, bring love, bring humility and bring your moving Spirit among us. Give those that want to get involved in our church family and make a difference, courage to step forward in faith. Give those who are living a life with a selfish focus the resolution to change to an others focus. Make us unified. Help us make great strides of IMPACT  in our church family as well as our community – all for your glory and to make your Son known!

In Jesus Name,


2 Timothy 3:1-5; Hebrews 4:16



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