Day Twenty-eight of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


You are Lord of the Harvest. You are the One who can call people to serve and give of their resources. You have given each person gifts and abilities to do the works of service in your church body. You want each person to be fully involved and engaged in your ministry. This type of commitment is what will allow us to awe in the wonders you do through us as well as seeing so many changed lives in you.  

We are intentionally pushing for more people to be involved in your mission at FRC. We have needs in our church family for more members to be a part of the mission you have laid out for us. Through their service, not only will the mission be accomplished, but the member’s lives will be impacted greatly; their walk with you will be strengthened; their faith will grow; their spiritual maturity will be evident; and we (as a body) will see immense fruit from being those who seek to be fully devoted to you. Unity will powerfully impact our church family and our community. 

Prick the hearts of all in our church; move each one’s spirit to give of themselves and their resources; do not let up until we humble ourselves to do your will.  Keep us ever before your calling – humble, convict, move, and use us.

The one thing that is hard to convince is the heart of man. But in faith and in prayer we ask you this. For if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains, even the hearts of man. With you, Jesus, nothing is impossible. With you, we can have a church fully engaged, with every volunteer position filled, and we can be a church of unity and passion for your glory! We can because You can! 


In Jesus Name,


Exodus 36:2; Matthew 9:28; Luke 10:2; Matthew 17:20



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