Day Twenty-seven of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Your love for your people is not partial and certainly not for the select few. Your love is for all. Your heart is for all to be saved, even though many will choose another way beside you. When others stray, this breaks your heart. It also breaks your heart when your followers need to do more to reach the youth of today, and they don’t.

The youth of our culture today are fragile. They are experiencing many tragedies and blatant sin that surrounds their daily life. They are taunted by Satan and his demons. They are pulled and pried to go astray from the Lord. So many live in homes that don’t know the Lord or they know Him and neglect him. Our youth need an intentional approach of teaching that leads them to a relationship with you; they need teaching that matures them in their walk with you; they need equipping that furthers your kingdom and helps them be an successful influential warrior in this world where the prince of air rules.

Often times, churches will skip the leading and maturing and take youth to the equipping. Because of their immense energy, youth are willing to do many good projects. They serve. They go on mission trips. But few have a thriving relationship with you. In essence, their spiritual growth is looked over in the midst of good deeds.

Make River Club an intentional church that disciples our youth. Give us tools, resources, and devoted teachers that will teach each youth about having a deep, loving, and thriving relationship with their Lord Jesus first.  Give us wisdom in the planning and the direction in this ever so important ministry of our church. Lead us as we disciple these very special lives. We need you, Lord. We need your Spirit. Without your Spirit leading and guiding us, we will go the wrong way. It may be a good way, but it will be the wrong way. Leads us to do Your Will and finish Your Work.

Prick our hearts to do more. Move our spirits to not settle for the mediocre ministry. Prune us where we need pruning. Help us to live beyond the daily grind, so you will be the One who increases in the hearts of every young person who walks through our doors.

In Jesus Name,


1 Timothy 2:4; Matthew 28:19-20; Psalm 42:10-11; Psalm 143:10



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