Day Twenty-six of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Thank you that you love us even when our faith teeter-totters. We ask you to forgive us when we fail and right us on the correct path. You are truth, you are life, you are the way and we can only know your mission clearly if you show it to us. Your will and your work is clear, but sometimes our minds interfere and we get sidetracked by our human feelings, thoughts and emotions.

We repent of our foolish wanderings and ask that you help us stay focused on your word and your ways. Give us the hunger we need for your word, and a hunger that is not satisfied unless we seek your truth. Give us holy discontent until we have landed our decisions squarely in your will.

We are at a transition time in our church family – a flock without a shepherd to lead us. Lord, have compassion on us; we pray that you lead us directly and quickly to the Pastor of your choice. As we put aside our human desires, help us see perfectly who you are pointing us to. Give wisdom to the Spiritual Leadership Team, the Personnel Team, and the Staff Team as we choose the one Shepherd you have chosen to lead this body of believers.

We ask in your precious Son’s name, Jesus,


Colossians 3:1-2; Matthew 16:15-19; John 14:6



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