Day Twenty-five of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Forgive us when we doubt your plan. Forgive us when we have made ourselves more important than you and use your name to do it. Forgive us when we make you less and box you into a usable genie. Lord, forgive us when we start to think we deserve your blessings; when, in fact, we need to humbly be grateful that you would choose us to be blessed by you. We are so undeserving and our good works are such filthy rags, yet, you love us so much!

We must decrease and you must increase. Crucify anything that remotely looks like pride in us at FRC. Humble us to the very bottom of ourselves and our resources, so that all we can do is look up to you for all we need. Strip us of our comforts, and grant us holiness in your presence. Carve out the way of holiness for us; give us clear eyes to see the path and the courage and faith to follow it.

Help our eyes to acknowledge that Your Way is the right way. We do not want to be like the Pharisees who rejected your purpose for themselves. Make us a serious body of believers that submits our whole life and all of our time to you.  

Our eyes are upon you! And no one else!

In Jesus Name,


Luke 7:29-30; John 3:30



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