Day Twenty-four of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


I sit here in a classroom that our Kindergarten children come into on Sunday morning. I see your word written on the board, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you” from Psalm 56:3. I am reminded that our awesome responsibility is to teach these children how much they can trust in you.

I sit here in the silence and ponder the chatter and the laughter that will fill this room tomorrow morning. Please be preparing the hearts of each child that will attend our church tomorrow. Give them a hunger for your word and a mature understanding of its application to their life.

Fill each teacher with your Spirit and give them power to proclaim your promises tomorrow. You are the One who gives to River Club what you have decided. We are grateful that you have given us lives to teach and hearts to change for your glory. I pray that each person who serves in your name tomorrow here at the church will serve in great power and in great humility.

In Jesus name,


Psalm 56:3-4; John 3:27; Psalm 66:1-2 



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