Day Twenty-three of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


You have blessed River Club with years of service from your servants, Dee Whitten and his wife, Jane. Their fingerprint will forever be placed upon the many lives at River Club. They have loved, cared and been authentic examples of good shepherds to your people. May we never forget the impact they have had on our lives and may we never forget the many lessons we have learned from their teaching and the way they live their life. Bless them with all of your favor as they move on and continue to do ministry in your name. The Pastors that will receive Dee’s coaching are going to be blessed. Give each Pastor a heart to hear and eyes to see your truth and give Dee Holy Spirit power to coach them.

I lift up our hurting body, specifically those that know and love the Whitten family; give peace and comfort to each heart that’s aching. It’s a painful time. Give them encouragement through your Holy Spirit; heal their pain and give them a vision for your will in our church family. Even though we will be physically apart from the Whitten family, we are still on the same team advancing your Kingdom – we are all still in ministry together. Remind us to pray for Dee and Jane and for our church family daily.

As we embark on the journey to find a new Pastor for River Club, give us your discernment, your wisdom, and your guidance. Walk us through every step. Give us a man that loves you with his whole heart, who loves teaching your people the word of God, who loves shepherding and caring for your people. Give us a man that adheres to and communicates your word with great impact, so that many will come to you in faith and many will be made devoted disciples of your son, Jesus.  

You already have this person in mind. Give us great insight about who this man is and like a laser, lead us to him. Please do not take long in this process. Take us directly to the one person you have picked, for your church family at River Club needs a shepherd.  Jesus spent an entire evening praying to you before selecting his disciples that he would also appoint as Apostles. Because your Son was obedient to trust you and your decision, he picked men that would radically change the world for your kingdom. Yes, one was a trader, but even in Judas’ failure we have learned so much. Make us like Jesus and tug our heart to pray to you for this very important decision. Make your will our bidding. Teach us, show us, and empower us with courage to follow you and you alone!

In Jesus Name,


Luke 6:12-16



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