Dispel the Interruption of Ministry

A lesson on demons: Demons are annoying, persistent, arrogant, loud, attention-getting, and somewhat truthful, yet, only as a distortion – which means they are liars!

Satan was the most beautiful cherub in heaven. God had given him the seal of perfection; he was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He was in Eden – the garden of God; every precious stone adorned him. He was appointed as a guardian cherub. (I wonder if he was the guardian of Adam and Eve since his home was in the Garden of Eden.) We’d all agree that he failed terribly at his post!

He was filled with wickedness and violence which led him to sin. His arrogance made him ugly. His wisdom corrupted his splendor. He was thrown down to his new post  –  to be a spectacle before kings; a laughing-stock of creation.

He was a leader, too. One that led a third of the heavenly angels – they turned from their post of worshiping God and made Satan their object of devotion. In the end, they became just as deceptive, annoying, persistent, arrogant, loud, attention-getting as the one they adorned king of their pact. Like good little followers they do Satan’s bidding – taunting the people of God and keeping those far from God even farther.

These demons often come after God’s people where God’s people meet for worship. Be on guard, they tempt, they annoy, and they irritate; they persistently niggle at the child of God for their very purpose is to incite trouble. They also come in the form of man. You don’t see them in little red suits with picket forks in hand. You see them as people who seem to mean well, but then turn evil! How do you recognize them? Watch their ways!

I urge each one of you reading this blog – take heart, for the devil and all his minions are no match for the Son of God – Jesus Christ!

Jesus meets one of these minions (impure spirits) in Capernaum. It’s the Sabbath and Jesus came to the synagogue to preach – (Our modern-day church service!) On the heels of people being amazed at the teaching of Christ and recognizing what great authority his teaching exemplified, the evil minion of Satan possessed in a man cries out to Jesus, “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are – the Holy One of God!”

I love Jesus’ response!

“Be Quiet! – (in other words – Shut up, you silly fool!) and come out of him!” The minion came out with a violent shaking and a shriek that burns the ears of hearers, because he only knows how to leave a scene with a loud, attention-getting, arrogant and violent exit. He shows up inappropriately and leaves in the same way!

Why do I tell you this? So you know when you meet an evil, impure spirit of Satan. They are loud, annoying, arrogant, speak words of twisted truth and in all make you want to scream “Shut up, you silly fool!”

After Jesus expelled the demon from the man, he went on his way.  He left the synagogue and continued his ministry of teaching, healing and honoring His Father in heaven. Not a second thought about this minion came to mind. He dusted off the dirt of filth and went on his way. Yes I am adding to the drama, but I can infer that Jesus was focused, fearless, and forceful with his mission! Nothing interrupted his calling! And nothing should interrupt yours and mine!

Mark 1:28-29; Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-17




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