Day Twenty-Two of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


In reading about John the Baptist, we find that he was never in competition with Jesus. His aim was to elevate and increase Jesus and decrease himself and man. Our role as followers is to uphold the glory of God not the glory of man.

In light of our church, we should be the same. I like how John says, “A man (or church) can receive nothing, unless it has been given him from heaven” (John 3:27). You bring to each church family the people you wish them to minister to. At River Club, you have brought specific people to us that we are called to minister to. Forgive us when our minds wander to numbers, events, and budget items when our focus should only be to disciple people in following you with their whole heart, mind and soul. Once we are free from controlling the attendance totals and are focused on making disciples of the ones you have given us, we will feel peace and we will see growth; for we plant, but you give the increase. 

Convict us when we sway from your mission. Humble us when we choose to elevate man’s glory instead of yours. Keep us on our knees always looking to you for your purposes, not the culture’s or the world’s. If we are to be different from the world, show us how to be the opposite. No one coming to our church is looking for more of the world; they are looking for Someone radically different from what they experience every day of their life. Love is a verb not an entertaining show. God is love and He wants to be the One people see, know, and experience through His church.

Make us a simple church – a church that focuses on bringing people into a saving relationship with Jesus who are fully devoted to our Lord with their whole life. Sanctify us, cleanse us, and keep us focused on You above and not on the world below. Remove any programs that keep us from focusing on you, your word, and the people you have brought to us. Make us a church where people say, “These people have been with the Lord.”

In Jesus Name,


John 3:22-30; John 17:15-16



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