Be the Sign of the Wine Maker

The signs and wonders that our Lord Jesus Christ performed on earth served the purpose of credibility to His divine nature as well as His divine mission on earth: “…that we may believe that He is the Christ, the Son of God; and by believing we have life eternal in His name” (John 20:31).

A sign is the finger-mark of God. They point to Christ, our Savior. While signs and wonders are certainly an amazing experience, what’s even more astonishing is that they each have the power to unveil to the ordinary man the majesty of our Lord’s grace and mercy! Signs point to something far greater than they themselves disclose. It was never intended that the sign be immortalized. The Sign Giver is the One we worship!

What’s really interesting about signs is that we (those who have received the Lord Jesus as our Savior) have become the sign to the world that points people to Jesus! We are the finger print of God. We are the result of His touch on our commonplace life that is now extraordinarily changed forever. Our life reveals the glory and power of God’s Spirit working inside us. We have gone from being the mediocre tasteless wine to becoming the best tasting wine of the land! And our lives (our signed life sealed with God’s Spirit) are pointing others to the One that can save them from their own second-rate existence that leads to death. What a privilege we have: to be one of Jesus’ miraculous signs that direct dying hearts to life in Him!

Sadly, though, we tend to waste this sign performed in us and quench it by watering it down with the world and its “treasures.” We allow ourselves to become tasteless, useless and smother the power of God. All because we have chosen to uphold the horizontal powers of this world higher than the power that lives within us through God’s Holy Spirit.

It’s time to clean the temple of God – the temple of our spirit. In haste, lets’ clear the den of robbers (the life sucking materialism of our culture) and replace this beautiful temple with prayers of repentance and praise to Jesus! He is the author of our existence now, not the horizontal riches of the land. Be the choice wine that the world tastes and says, “This is wine that has never been known. A wine that helps me believe God IS higher than the filth I have served here on earth.” Make use of the beautiful sign God has made in you and point people to the Wine Maker: Jesus!

John 2:1-12; 13-23



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