Day Seventeen of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Your church is a house of prayer. And Jesus’ zeal was for your house. It consumed him, meaning it was all he lived for. His love for each person in our church is His main priority.  Make us more like our Lord. Give us a zeal for your house and to make it a place of prayer, where each member is regularly and intimately communing with you.

In our church, we have many that are ill – bless them with healing and comfort. Some have experienced death – give them joy in the midst of their suffering. Some are going through many changes – be their constant in the turmoil of uncertainty. While we may have sick, broken-heart-ed and the uncertain in our church, we also have many filled with joy and happiness. May we remember how good you are to us and respond to this goodness with songs of praise.

We pray that this Sunday each adult, teen, child and baby will experience your joy and respond in praise. May the sounds you hear coming from FRC send a sweet aroma that communicates our zeal and our deep love for you. Make our hearts ready this week to bring you praise collectively on Sunday. Make our hearts ready to lift up our hands and our voices in prayer.

Make our church a house of prayer and a place of deep love for you. You are our Lord, our God, our Savior! We want nothing else but to bring you praise and glory. Break through the barriers that hold us back from unity. Break through the insecurity that some have in lifting their hands and their voices to you. Unify us in love and in praise.

In Jesus name,


James 5:13-15; John 2:17



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