Day Fifteen of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


We call to you, Lord. Come quickly to us. We set our prayers before you like incense. We lift up our hands and our eyes. Fixed are our eyes on you, Sovereign Lord. We take refuge in you. Keep our light burning; turn all darkness into light. With your help we can advance against a troop. With you, God, we can scale a wall.

Because you are our refuge, and because we know that you hear us when we pray, we ask you Lord to make FRC an intentional body of Christ. A body where we aim at making fully devoted followers of Jesus, your Son. Bless us with insights to your word, give us courage to take great steps of faith in the community, make us ever so aware of the spiritual death around us so we can minister with your word and your gospel. 

When people arrive in our church, make us mission minded so we can speak boldly of salvation in your name and then growth in your word. Give us the resources needed to turn the indifference of people’s faith to a meaningful walk with God. Specifically, help the Children’s Ministry team to be on fire. Help them to focus on making each child a disciple not just an attendee. Speak through each teacher with power and passion. Give each team member a burning desire to serve wholeheartedly and more often. Increase their passion. Make a big impact on the hearts of each child. Inspire the team members by seeing the fruit of their labor. Increase our volunteer team! 

We ask this request, because we know that your heart is for each child to turn away from disobedience so they can embrace wisdom of righteousness. Your heart is for each child’s salvation by grace and  sanctification by spiritual growth. Help us, Lord, to have the Spirit of John the Baptist, so we can make ready a people prepared for you. One day you will return; we want to be ready and watching for you.  

We ask this in your name, Jesus,


Luke 1:17; Psalm 141:1-2, 8; Psalm 18:28-29


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