Day Fourteen of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


There is no God like you in heaven or on earth. Your power is immense and wonderful. Nothing is impossible with you, Lord. Your love is everlasting, your love is forgiving, your love continues wholeheartedly for your people. Your promises are sure and we can count on each one to be fulfilled in our life regardless of how bleak our circumstances may look to us. You are above all and able to overcome even the most difficult of situations.

I ask you, Lord, to overcome a great problem in our church. For centuries it has been common that the Children’s Ministry works with the bare minimum of leaders teaching children. We find ourselves working with a skeleton crew; we end up only giving the children a scarce lesson on Sunday.  Lord, I want more for our children! They are your precious children and deserve to know you deeply. The relationships built between leaders and children are an essential key to success in the ministry to children.

I know that when you look upon the children at Fairveiw at River Club, you have great compassion on each one. They each are in great need of a shepherd to guide them and instruct them in the truth. While you are the great Shepherd, you have given us (the church) the function to shepherd the children and point them to you.

Our children are in great need for shepherds; you instructed us to ask you for workers so that they will come and minister to the harvest. The harvest is plentiful. Yes, indeed it is. We had many children this past Sunday – what a blessing!  But we did not have enough workers. It made our labor difficult. Please bring workers to the harvest of our children’s ministry! I am asking you, Lord, please fill our classrooms with people who will pour themselves into the children’s lives so each one can know you intimately; so each one will learn how to walk carefully with you. Create a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children in our elementary program.

Prick the hearts of those you are calling. Make yourself very clear to them that they are called to ministry. Bring forth from the masses your servants. Make me and my leaders aware of whom you are calling, so we can begin the equipping process.

Give our church family a heart of love. For love is walking in obedience to your commands (2 John 6).  

Waiting expectantly…in Jesus name we pray,


2 John 6; Matthew 9:35-38; 1 Kings 8:23-24


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