Day Thirteen of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Thank you for the gift of prophesying! To prophesy is to preach your word – to exclaim your promises – to shout from the roof tops your eternal power and authority – to claim the love you have for us. Prophesying gives us the avenue to share who you are, what you have done, and what your vision is for each person and your church body. Glory to your name!

When your word is preached the secrets of a person’s heart are laid bare. Like open heart surgery, your Spirit surgically convicts and forgives sin that has led to our eternal death. Now we have salvation for in this barren state, we fall into a posture of praise and worship as your blood has repaired and continues to repair the damage done by our sin. Your presence is an awesome experience to behold. And it comes in the form of your word being preached in power – for faith comes by hearing the word of Christ.

We begin our growth groups this week where we will dive into your word, where your word will begin the process of conviction, repair, growth and inspiration in man’s heart. I pray for your favor. Convict many to join a group. Give new people the courage to be a part of a growing fellowship of believers so we all are unified in one goal: to build each other up in faith in your Son, Jesus. Make your joy complete in us! Add to our number, Father! Add to our number, Jesus! Add to our number, Holy Spirit! Just as you added to the first church, add to our number! 

I pray for your presence to come to our church body in the form of sovereign power! I pray that when a person leaves our church they can say emphatically, “God is really among this people!”

In Jesus name,


1 Corinthians 14:24-25; 26; Romans 10:17; Acts 2:42-27


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