Day Two of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Thank you for the comfort you give each one of us through your Holy Spirit. You have not left us as orphans but have promised to be with us always. You come to us in our need and rejoice with us in our blessings. You are the way, the truth and the life. No one can have the hope we have without you. May we never forget this truth!

I lift up our church family today. Many are hurting from severe losses. You know their names. Many are struggling with past difficulties. Many need desperate peace. You have said that we would have troubles in this world, yet, you have overcome the world. We do not want the peace of this world, only the peace that you offer. Because of you, we can still have joy even in the midst of our difficulties.

While many are burdened with troubles and need relief, never relieve us of the burden to tell the lost about your son, Jesus. Burden us with your heart of love for all people. Unify us in one mission: becoming fully devoted disciples and making disciples.  

Help us be just like the first church in Acts. They were devoted to the teachings of the Apostles-may we be zealous to follow the word of God at River Club. They were also devoted to their fellow believers – may we be loyal to each other at River Club. 

Give us a special sensitivity toward meeting the needs of each other whether it’s by prayer, a listening ear, a phone call, a cup of coffee, or by tangible means. Give us eyes to see the need; give us a heart to give; take away the desire to hold tightly to our possessions. Help us to love to give more than loving to receive. 

Help each person see the foolishness in their daily routine compared to the need to share Jesus with those far from God. Give us an urgent evangelistic heart for all who need you.

In Jesus Name,


John 14:6, 18, 27; Matthew 28:19-20


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