Day Twelve of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


All the children in our community have returned to school this week. Thank you for the opportunity for each child to receive an education. Some children are home schooled while others attend school outside the home. Give each child an eager mind to learn; give them safe passage to and from school; make their stay in the schools a peaceful experience. Please keep all toxic and fatal activity from the schools, the children, the teachers and school personnel. Your name is a strong tower; may the righteous run to it and be safe. Keep each child protected under the canopy of your son’s name, Jesus

Bless the teachers who have committed their life to teaching children. They do more than educate, they form young lives into adulthood. Protect our teachers; give godly teachers divine opportunities to introduce you to their students. Give the teachers your courage and wisdom to minister to the many children in their care. I lift up homeschool moms, too. The task of homeschooling and caring for the home is difficult. Give them strength and vision. Help them persevere and grant them joy in the journey. Give each parent a burning desire to disciple their children in the midst of all the academics.

Be with the many children who come from difficult homes. Some are hungry-provide them with food; be their comfort at home and at school when their life seems to lack all joy. Be their hiding place. Surround them with your songs of deliverance. Draw them with your everlasting love; in their neglect – be their guardian. Help them know how miraculously you love them.

In Jesus name,


Psalm 12:7; Psalm 32:7; Jeremiah 31:3; Proverbs 18:10



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