Day Three of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC



You have promised that if we remain in you, you will remain in us; you have also promised that whatever we ask in your name, it will be done for us. All of this is for your glory. Bearing fruit for you shows others that we are your disciples. Thank you for the opportunity to be in you and you in us. Thank you that we can be strengthened by your Spirit. Thank you that we can love with your love and give grace to others with your grace.


I lift up the staff and the spiritual leadership of FRC. Revive each one when they become weary. Strengthen them when they become tired. Grant each one rest for their souls, so they can continue to do your work and finish what you have assigned them to do. Keep the leadership in perfect unity – of one mind, one faith and one love. Keep each member laser focused on your will. Give them an urgency to disciple others. Give them the power to encourage others to live for you and lean on your power. Grant each one great influence through your Spirit. Thank you that you have loved each one enough that they can be heirs with you and share in your glory.


Hear my prayer, Lord God Almighty; listen to me, God of Jacob; shield us with your favor. We are blessed because our strength is in you.


In Jesus name,





Psalm 84:5-12; John 15:7-8



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