Day Six of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


After Jesus’ resurrection he spent 40 days with the disciples teaching them more about the kingdom of God. Then just before he ascended to heaven he promised the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift was not just for the disciples of Jesus’ time; he was and is very much for us today. Because of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were able to receive power and the ability to be your witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. And we, too, can be your witnesses with your power through your Spirit. I praise you for this amazing Gift!

Without your Spirit we tend to lean on our independence and individual “talents and training” to carry out your work. Forgive us Father for not earnestly receiving your Spirit and for thinking that we could do anything of value without you. For we cannot be your witnesses without your Spirit. 

Oh, Lord helps us at River Club to truly embrace the fact that it is not by our power, our might or even our spirit that accomplishes the work of salvation and discipleship in others. Nor does it even draw people to our church to seek you. Knowing this truth helps us right our focus. Help us to relax and let you lead. Where our work begins is when you lead and we join you. 

Fill us with your Spirit! Give us a deep urgent sensitivity to this request. While we have your Spirit, we often neglect His power. Make us acutely aware of where you are working and then through the Spirit of God have the courage to join you.

Tomorrow, fill our worship with YOUR SPIRIT.  Empower us to praise your Son; give us YOUR might to teach, connect, disciple, and worship.  Break the strongholds of independence in our church family; grant us the freedom to let go and lean totally on you. I pray that those who desire to openly worship you will have the courage to do so in their unique way. May our eyes be on you not on the person next to us. Give Fairview at River Club a total desire to attend church with ONE FOCUS: TO WORSHIP YOU! We do not want to attend to critique the sermon, the worship, the building or the ministries – Lord help us to instead embrace the sermon, participate in the worship, be the building and join the ministries. 

In Jesus name,


Acts 1:1-8; Zechariah 4:6



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