Day Seven of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


What an amazing time we had yesterday at church and at the baptism! I praise you for children! 

What I noticed yesterday was the truth of Luke 24:30-32 lived out. As we shared the word of God with the children during the first and second services, we could literally see their eyes open and understand your truth. As I taught the children’s baptism class, I experienced one child encouraging another with your word (interestingly, the scripture she shared was not even part of the baptism lesson, yet, it fit so well – only You, Lord could orchestrate that!).

Again at the baptism, I witnessed a mom sharing her child’s spiritual growth with me and another mom and suddenly, the one mom who was hearing and hurting was lifted up by your word. What was shared was so fitting for what she was struggling with at that very moment. She was strengthened and touched intimately by your love.

Wow! What a beautiful day to witness the working of your Spirit among the body of Christ!

Yesterday reminds me of the first church when they gathered together and were filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed. Yesterday proves that your desire for your church then is also your desire for your church today.

I am praying for one thing today for our church: devotion. May we have a burning desire to know you and seek you, therefore as you show yourself to us, suddenly our eyes will be opened and we will know who you are and the blessings you are sharing with us. Make us intentionally aware of your truth and the power of your presence. We love you!

In Jesus name,


Luke 24:30-32; Acts 2:43



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