Day One of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


I thank you that you hear me when I call to you. You always hear me; you are always listening, for your heart is for me and for your people. You love each one of us. Thank you for saving us from our sins through your son, Jesus Christ. May Jesus always be proclaimed with power and passion through each one of us at Fairview @ River Club. 

We know that when we seek you with a broken, contrite and humble heart you will answer and show us great and mighty things that we do not know. We trust you. Break us, Lord. Humble us. And keep us close to your passions and your desires. May we honor you above all else. And keep your word and your ways in our every day actions.

We ask you specifically, Father, to bring 500 people to the community event we have planned for August 30th: the Carnival/Movie Night. Yes, we pray for fun, great fellowship and safety. But more than this we pray for divine appointments made by you. We ask that your love for us and through us will be felt and experienced by each person who comes that evening. 

Help us, Lord, to be intentional and courageous to share the truth about your son, Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life for all people. Give us an urgency in our hearts to share you with those far from God. 

Provide for every detail for that evening. We lay this at your feet and we trust that this event and more importantly, the people will be in your outstretched hand – for nothing is too difficult for you! 

In Jesus name,


John 11:42; Jeremiah 3:33, 17


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