Day Nine of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


You show us that a giving church is one whose hearts are united as one; one in which each person in the body allows your grace to powerfully work through them. I praise you for a giving church at FRC. Each person hops on the chance to serve the poor, feed hungry children, and reach beyond our community to the ends of the earth. It’s beautiful to see so many serving and loving others through your grace.

Even still, I lift up our church finances. We are dangerously behind our budget, which limits the impact we can have on the discipleship of those that come to our church. While we are a giving church to the community, we need to be more giving inside our church family. The ministries are suffering. I pray for hearts to be burdened for the ministries we have that disciple adults, teens, and children in the Lord. We have new opportunities coming forth in the fall – divorce recovery, children’s musical, children’s renovation, next-steps classes, etc. 

You have called us to minister to those inside as much as those outside. Not much different from our own families. We feed our children in the home as well as feeding those poor out of the home. Give us a balance in giving, so that just like the first church in Acts, “there are no needy persons among us.” With one mind and one heart the disciples brought the money earned from their sales to the Apostles feet so that it could be distributed to anyone in need. While we may not be tangibly giving food and clothing to those in need that attend our church, we have a great responsibility to disciple them within the ministries you have called us to give. It takes resources to keep these ministries alive. Please provide as you have promised you would.

Give us pause for our church family. You are the great Provider for each person in our church and for our church family. Burden us with your heart to give. Holy Spirit, teach us the value of tithing and giving to our church family. Teach us why, teach us how, and give us wisdom in what we are to give. You are the owner of all we have; you are the potter of our souls; mold us and make us into your servants of grace inside the church as well as outside.

In Jesus Name,


Acts 4:32-37




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