Day Eleven of 40 Days of Prayer for FRC


Thank you for the many people you bring to our church. Thank you for the divine appointments you provide for us to give hope to hurting people. We consider it a great privilege that you would entrust us with the ministry of the gospel. We do not feel worthy of your mission, yet, you love us so much that you allow us to join you in your work.

The lost in this world are numerous. The news makes us so uncertain about our future. And many are putting their faith and hope in things that are passing away. Sadly, too many are perishing in their sin. Forgive us for being so distracted by things that are insignificant. 

Sometimes we fail at your mission. Being evangelical we often begin the work of saving the lost by sharing with them your Son. This is good. But we fail to finish the work you have given us. Give us a burden to go beyond saving souls to making fully devoted and committed disciples. Often churches experience 20% of the people doing 80% of the work because we have lacked in training others to be your disciples; instead we have just snatched them from the fires of hell. You desire so much more!  And these people need so much more!

Give those that are just church attenders a burden for your truth on a daily basis – not just weekly. Help them seek what is lasting. Cause them to see everything on this earth as dim compared to your everlasting truth. Help each to seriously consider their answer to this question: if everything were stripped away, would Jesus be enough? 

Unsettle us with our apathy. I pray we suffer continually with your burden to fulfill your ministry and finish your work. Help us, Lord, to always be attentive to what others need eternally, not just temporarily. Give us your eyes to see,  your heart that feels and your passion that persists. Make us a church that does more than just attract people; help us to disciple people to be followers that become your servants who impact Fredericksburg with your love. Enlarge the core of disciples in our church so we can enlarge the followers in your Kingdom. 

In Jesus name,


1 Corinthians 9:16; Matthew 28:19; Matthew 24:35; 1 John 2:17



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